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with our unique design and lovely inspirations, you can create you very own world of stamps for birthdays, christmas and more.

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Arbeitsplatz mit Motivstempeln, Stempelkissen, Papeterie und Schwammtuch

For us stamping is the love for the small things.
You can easily tell your own cute picture stories and turn a piece of paper into something special. We want to give you some tips and lots of inspirations for your own creations, so you can treat yourself and your loved ones.

What shouldn't be missing on your workplace?
Stamps, ink pads, scratch paper as a base and a damp cloth for cleaning your stamps afterwards.


Three components are essential: stamps, ink pads and the right paper. A good combination of those three things will get you a great result.

  • Perlenfischer Motivstempel Stempelhölzer

    Our stamps are all made from local wood and in cooperation with german manufactors. To give you the best stamp impression possible, we focus very hard on the quality and the design of our stamps. Feel free to click through our variety of categories. You surely will find something you love.

  • Pigment-Stempelkissen mini und groß für Motivstempel

    Our ink pads are rich in color pigments and therefore very opaque, but also slow drying. You can find more colors under ink pads. Let your creativity run wild and try out countless color combinations.

  • Perlenfischer Papeterie Postkarten, Klappkarten, Papiertags und Umschläge für Motivstempel

    You can find our staionary under Blanco Cards and Tags and Labels. These are perfect for stamping because they are uncoated and have a rather smooth surface, which makes the stamp impression very accrate and clear. The choice of paper greatly affects how your stamped result looks in the end and how long you have to let it dry.


  • Motivstempel Eichhörnchen und Stempelkissen mini braun

    Applying ink - Tap the stamp lightly on the ink pad several times or dab it with the pad. Before making the impression, see if the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink.

  • Motivstempelabdruck auf Postkarte Dot

    Stamping - When the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink, press the stamp evenly onto the paper.

  • Stempelreinigung mit Perlenfischer Schwammtuch

    Cleaning your stamps/ changing colours - Clean the rubberstamp by dabbing it on a damp cloth until no ink remains. Before continuing to stamp, test on a piece of scratch paper whether the stamp is really clean.

How can I prevent the stamp impression from smudging?
3 tips for you:
Allow time to dry.
2. Don't stack freshly stamped cards on top of each other.
3. Don't use sealed/laminated or coated paper.
(In addition, you can work with classic fixative spray for water-based paint from an artists' supply shop to protect the paint against smudging.)
How to store stamps properly?
Store the stamps in a way that they don't get any pressure marks. It is best to place the stamps next to each other, not stacked on top of each other, in a box of your choice. It is important that the rubber of the stamp is facing upwards, so that you also prevent the rubber from being pressed in.


Here you can find some creative ideas to create beautiful greeting cards for your loved ones.
  • Osterkarte mit Motivstempel Osterhase und und Karotte

    Find more easter inspiration in the Easter category.

  • Perlenfischer Motivstempel Mistelzweig und Fröhliche Weihnachten

    Feel free to check out the Christmas category for more festive stamps. 

  • Perlenfischer Motivstempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag

    You can find more rubberstamps, such as Happy Birthday or Let's celebrate, under Birthday.

  • Perlenfischer Motivstempel zur Geburt und für Kinder

    In the kids category you can find everything about birth, kids birthday and the start of school.

  • Maritime Motivstempel für eine Unterwasserwelt

    Discover our underwater world in the category maritime.


  • Perlenfischer Motivstempel für Hochzeit und Valentinstag

    You can find even more stamps about love in the category wedding