Animal stamps for every season and every occasion

Whether individually or in good company:
Our animal designs are wonderful messengers for greetings, congratulations and gift decorations.

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We love our Perlenfischer animals! It is simply impossible to imagine our stamp repertoire without the animals of the world.
Stamp your individual cards and gift tags with cute animal motifs.
This will turn your stationary into fun and creative greeting cards.
Just click on one of the categories and we guarantee that you will find the perfect animal stamp for every season and every occasion:

Spring and Easter

You can find more stamp designs in the category Spring and Summer and under Easter. With this you are guaranteed to spread a feeling of spring.
  • Stempel Tiere Raupe, Schmetterling und Rotkehlchen

    Spring meadow - We paint our flower stems with nice thin fineliners, which you can find
    under Handlettering Pens and Inks.

  • Stempel Tiere Küken, Hase, Marienkäfer

    Easter gifts - check out the Yarns and Ribbons category to spruce up your gifts.

  • Stempel Tiere Henne und Küken

    Easter breakfast- you can beautifully decorate your Easter bush with our Tags and Labels


These 3 Components are important:
Stampsink pads and the right stationary.
A good combination of those three things will get you a great result.

1. Apply ink - Tap the stamp lightly on the ink pad several times or dab it with the pad.
Before making the impression, check that the rubber is completely covered with ink.
2. Stamping- When the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink, press the stamp evenly onto the paper.

Maritime and Summer

You can find our entire selection of maritime and summer stamp designs under Maritime and Spring and Summer.
  • Stempel Tiere Delfin und Sardine auf Blankokarte

    Surfing the waves- You can find our generous and colorful selection of stationery under Blanco Cards.

  • Stempel Tiere Scampi und Oktopus

    Summer party - For plenty of inspiration around birthdays, look in our category Birthday.

  • Stempel Tiere Krabbe und Muschel

    Beach vacation - Summer, Sun, the sea and beach motifs!

  • Stempel Tiere Oktopus, Scampi, Qualle, Kugelfisch und Muschel

    Underwater world - You can find our cute dotted woodcut cards in the category Blanco Cards.

  • Stempel Tiere Blauwal, Oktopus und Kugelfisch

    Bluewhale-love - With small clips you can upgrade any card and in addition they are simply practical. You can discover a large selection under Clips.

  • Stempel Tiere Flamingo

    Flamingo summer - You can find much more fruit in our categeory Kitchen
    - for a more refreshing summer mood!


Greenery and Jungle

We love our jungle animals! Greenery stamps fit wonderfully with this theme and are just perfect to put in scene.
We also have many cute safari stamp designs: giraffe, elephant and more.
Have a look at our category Flowers and Leaves, there you can see our whole stamp selection of plants and nature.
  • Stempel Tiere Zebra, Tukan und Koala

    Koala-love - We love our dot postcards, it's where our beautiful stamp designs are perfectly showcased. Check out our Blanco Cards category for a motley range of colors!

  • Stempel Tiere Nilpferd

    Hippo in the jungle - With our large color range of ink pads, you can give free rein to your creativity and try out new combinations. Here you will find our Pigment Ink Pads.

  • Stempel Tiereköpfe Panda, Löwe, Koala und Bär

    Cute animal heads - This shows quite wonderfully how nice it is that our stamps are made of wood and also produced in Germany.


The quality of a stamp impression also depends on the choice of paper. Not all paper can be stamped equally well: with a rough paper, the impression is more irregular. With a smooth paper, it is finer. Coated or sealed paper does not absorb the ink at all or only very slowly. We prefer to use an uncoated, rather smooth paper as is the case with our cards and paper tags. That way, the animal stamp designs on your stationery come out perfectly!
Tip: test the paper before you stamp large quantities of them.  

Kids and School Enrollment

For children animals are the best! We have the perfect animal designs for children's birthdays and school enrollments. Take a look at the category Kids, where you'll see our entire selection of cute stamps that you and your kids will surely love.
  • Stempel Tiere Faultier

    Little sloth and a school cone - We love our number set, with it you can also beautifully stamp the school cones of your little ones. You can find even more sets in the category Stamp Sets.

  • Stempel Tiere Einhorn

    Unicorn-love - You can find everything about celestial bodies in the category Stars and Co. Easily decorate your cards with stamp motifs such as sun, moon and stars. You can find more cute motifs for children under Birthday Kids.

  • Stempel Tiere Koala und Bommelmonster

    Hooray! - Make the day more fun for your new schoolchildren by stamping little animals, candies and many other motifs on school cones, timetables and the like. Take a look at our category Start of School for this purpose.


Happiness, Birth and Weddings

Beautiful animal motifs around love and happiness! Have a look at our categories Birth and Wedding for even more inspiration!
  • Stempel Tiere Glücksschwein

    Lucky pig - You can find beautiful stamp designs all about happiness in our category New Year.

  • Stempel Tiere Storch und Pinguinbaby

    Stork and Penguin baby - We have put together some wonderful stamp sets for newly partents, which you can find in the category Stamp Sets.

  • Stempel Tiere Turteltaube

    Lovebirds - To Love! To create invitations or greeting cards, you can choose plain and classic stationery from the category Blanco Cards and stamp them to your heart's content.


3 tips for you:
Allow time to dry.
2. Don't stack freshly stamped cards on top of each other.
3. Don't use sealed/laminated or coated paper.
(In addition, you can work with classic fixative spray for water-based paint from an artists' supply shop to protect the paint against smudging.)

Autumn and Forest

Find more stamp motifs on the theme of autumn and forest in the category Autumn and Winter.
  • Stempel Tiere Eichhörnchen, Specht, Igel, Fuchs, Rotkehlchen und Kohlmeise

    Forest dwellers - Because we love the earth and all its inhabitants, we value sustainability very highly. Our stamps are made of beech wood, which is sourced from local forests.

  • Stempel Tiere Eichhörnchen und Vogel

    Great Tit and Squirrel - With Stickles, which you can find in the category Glitter Glue, you can make every card a highlight. Simply place small dots at the selected spots with a little sensitivity and you'll conjure up a shimmer on your stamped work of art.

  • Stempel Tiere Reh, Bärenkind und Hirschkäfer

    Forest Clearing - Stamp beautiful gift tags and give a present your individual touch.
    Even more packaging options, such as paper boxes, bags and paper tags that you can decorate and stamp, you will find under Packagings and Tags and Labels.


Winter and Christmas

We also like to use animal motifs for festive occasions. This gives every Christmas card a charming and wintery character.
Find more Christmas motifs under the category Christmas.
  • Stempel Tiere Eisbär, Bärenkind, Pinguin und Pinguinbaby

    Family of polar bears - For wintry mood we have conjured up a little snowstorm with our stamp Wilde Punkte.
    For more creative implementations, like confetti for a birthday with our stracciatella stamp or our dot stamps, feel free to browse the Patterns category.

  • Stempel Tiere Ochse und Esel

    Christmas nativity animals - We love Christmas! Give away merry Christmas greetings with our cute animals, which are also included in our matching Nativity Scene Set.
    Perfectly harmonizing and festive sets you will find under Stamp Sets.

  • Stempel Tiere Pinguin, Fisch, Eisbär, Pinguinbaby und Inuit

    Inuit and Penguinbaby - For Christmas DIY's we love to use yarns, for example to hang up the advent calender.
    Get inspired in the categories Advent Calender and


Store the stamps in a way that they don't get any pressure marks. It is best to place the stamps next to each other, not stacked on top of each other, in a box of your choice. It is important that the rubber of the stamp is facing upwards, so that you also prevent the rubber from being pressed in.

Dogs, Cats and Co.

Pets - it's simply impossible to imagine life without them! Stamp funny cards with your favorite house residents.
  • Stempel Tiere Hund, Doodlekopf und Bulldogge

    Doodle head and Bulldog

  • Stempel Tiere Pudel


  • Stempel Tiere Träumende Katze

    Dreaming Cat