Stamps for Easter made of wood

Here you will find our design stamps, stamp sets and various stamp ideas to give you and your children a nice Easter:
Create unique greeting cards and gift ideas with baskets, Easter bunnies, chicks and many matching pattern stamps.

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Stamp | Osterei mit Herz
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Stamp | Osterei Muster 3 mini
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Stamp | Schaf
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With baskets, Easter bunny, chicks and many matching pattern stamps you can create unique Easter cards, gift boxes and tags for gifts or branches in no time. 
So stamp away and off into the Easter mail!

New collection

We have beautiful new and sweet Easter-themed stamps in our new collection 2022. Here you can discover a few stamped examples. You can find even more inspiration and stamp designs under New Arrivals!
  • Stempel Ostern Henne 2, Küken, Frühstücksei und Eierbecher

    Easter breakfast

  • Stempel Ostern Eierbecher und Zittergras als Blumenstrauß und Vase

    A flower bouquet for Easter


  • Stempel Ostern Hase stehend und Henne 2 mit Osterei

    Easter bunny with an eggshell basket

  • Stempel Ostern Henne, Osterei und Küken

    Hen with Easter egg

  • Stempel Ostern Hase Spitzohr und Schlappohr und Frohe Ostern

    Floppy ears

  • Stempel Ostern Hase stehend

    Easter wreath


How do I create my own greeting cards for Easter?

You can make your own individual and creative greeting cards for Easter with our rubberstamps, ink pads and our stationary to send beautiful Easter greetings to your friends.
  • Perlenfischer Stempel Klopfer, Feder, Hase, Korb zu Ostern

    Thumper in a feather wreath

  • Stempel und Papeterie zu Ostern mit Küken, Happy Easter und Eierschale

    Chicken party with a flower basket


  • Stempel zu Ostern mit Hase, Ostereiern und Korb

    Bunny in a flower wreath


How to make and stamp Easter baskets?

With our Easter bunny and Easter egg stamps it is incredible fun to make small Easter baskets or Easter nests yourself, as you can see in the following examples.
  • Stempel Ostern Henne, Hase und Küken im Osternest

    Fill a nice Easter nest for your little ones with all sorts of cute and beautiful little things. With our stamps you can bring your children a great joy and the stamping afternoon can begin!

  • Stempel Ostern mit Osterhase im Osterkörbchen

    Glue an individually designed and stamped paper tag on an egg carton. This is already a unique piece, which not only your children will enjoy.

  • Stempel Ostern Osterhasen im Osternest

    Put chocolate bunnies or even our cute stamp bunnies in your Easter nests!


How do I design Easter tags?

Our oval paper tags are perfect for decorating your Easter bush, as it has the ideal Easter egg shape. With it, you can hang quotes and sweet stamp motifs on branches and get your home prepared for Easter. To use your Easter tags for several years, our wooden tags are sustainable and you can enjoy your creativity every year.

How to decorate Easter eggs with stamp motifs?

You can beautifully highlight your Easter bushes by stamping our smallest stamp motifs, such as mini flowers, directly onto the Easter eggs. In our experience, the best way to decorate Easter eggs is with our Temporary Tattoos, even with larger motifs, by simply sticking them onto your self-colored Easter eggs and then hanging them on your branches with beautiful colorful yarns or ribbons. The application is exactly the same as the application on the skin. A step-by-step instruction is provided on the back of the tattoo package. With this, every Easter is guaranteed to be a creative craft event.
  • Ostereier mit Stempelmotiv-Tattoos selbst bekleben
  • Ostereier mit unseren Stempelmotiv Tattoos bekleben

How to fold and stamp Easter bags?

Other ways to surprise your loved ones are cute bags, which you can individually design. Chocolate Easter eggs and other sweets do not always have to be put in a basket, they can just as well be hidden in a beautiful paper bag in the garden or of course go directly into the mailbox of your friends.
  • Oster Tütchen selbst gestalten mit Stempeln wie Hase und Gänseblümchen

    Craft paper from our Perlenfischer Block stamped and folded. Fill Pergamin bags individually. Finally pin the paper to the bag. Your Easter bag is ready!

  • Oster Tüte mit Stempeln, wie Henne und Ostereiern, bestempeln

    Cut out two egg-shaped papers of the same size from our block and stamp them (Henne, Osterei Punkte mini, Gänseblümchen), punch out small holes and then tie them together with yarn. Now you can already start filling the little bag.

  • Oster Tüte mit unseren Stempeln selbst basteln und bestempeln

    Auf unserem Blog unter "Ostern" zeigen wir euch Schritt für Schritt, wie ihr die Braunen Papiertüten mithilfe einer Schere und unseren Designstempeln zu einem süßen Osterhasen werden lasst.


Easter gifts wrapped individually

Here you can discover beautiful inspirations for your Easter gifts. Stamp wrapping paper of your choice with Easter motifs and tie a yarn around the gift. Your individual present is ready! Spread Easter greetings and joy with our stamps.

Easter stamp sets

We have put together three perfectly matched stamp sets that harmonize wonderfully with each other. They contain everything you need to create your Easter cards or Easter tags for the celebration. Click here for our stamp sets.

Tutorial: stamp set Osterkörbchen

Tutorial: stamp set Osteranhänger