Maritime motif stamps - our stamp underwater world

Summer is coming! Create beautiful greeting cards, gift tags and much more. With motifs from the underwater world or all around sun, beach & sea ...

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We love summer and maritime motifs!
So off to the sea with stamped tales of sun, beach and adventures.
Capture your daydreams and travel memories or get in the vacation mood with new travel ideas.

Cards and tags in the underwater world

Create cards, gift tags and more with the stamps and colors of summer - get inspired!
  • Maritime Stempel Scampi und Oktopus auf Perlenfischer Klappkarte

    Scampi-Party - Find more sayings in our text stamps section. Check out the Birthday category for more party stamps.

  • Maritime Stempel Meerjungfrau und Qualle

    Mermaid-Love - You can find our mermaid and other cute motif stamps in the stamp category kids.

  • Maritime Stempel Krebs, Badeanzug und Muschel

    Beach vacation - Discover many beautiful summer stamp designs in the category Spring and Summer.

  • Maritime Stempel Seegras, Stickles Glitzerkleber und Dotkarte Dunkelblau

    Simple seaweed - Use our stickles for small highlights. You can find it in the accessories category Glitter Glue. Discover our whole variety of colors under Pigment ink pads.

  • Maritime Stempel Scampi, Oktopus, Muschel und Sonnenbrille

    Maritime Octopus - You will find stationery to stamp in the accessories categories Blanco Cards and Tags and Labels. For yarns to attach the gift tags, check out Yarns.

  • Maritime Stempel Blauwal und Dot

    Blue whale under water - Find many more sizes of our dots under Patterns. For the whole variety of wonderful earth creatures visit the stamp category Animals. Other beautiful clips you will find here.


Often one motif and two color pads are enough to create a great pattern on a card or tag. Our scampi, for example, looks great in cotton candy and flamingo. Just start with one color. Then, to change colors, stamp out the stamp on a damp Cloth until there is no ink left. Now you can continue stamping in the spaces with the second color.

Vacation mood with maritime stamps

Stempel maritim Papieranhänger mit Stempeln Krabbe, Muschel, Welle und Seestern

Motifs such as crab, shell, starfish or anchor bring joy and not only in summer.
They make us think about sun, beach and sea.
Spread summer vibes - even in winter!

As you can see, maritime stamps with their typical design are not only suitable for stamping postcards but also for summery garland
and for thousands of other different kinds of paper and formats
e.g. tags, luggage tags, table decorations or party gifts for the wedding or the summer party. 


The quality of a stamp impression also depends on the choice of paper. Not all paper can be stamped equally well: with a rough paper, the impression is more irregular. With a smooth paper, it is finer. Coated or sealed paper does not absorb the ink at all or only very slowly. We prefer to use an uncoated, rather smooth paper such as our Blanco Cards and Paper tags. Tip: Test the papers before stamping large quantities of them.

Tutorial: Birthday card maritime

The video tutorial for the octopus card gives you an idea of how to stamp summer-maritime greetings for birthdays.

You can also choose a pre-assembled stamp set, such as Meerestiere, Unterwasserparty oder Kleine Meerjungfrau
The stamp sets are not only a great gift for friends but can also be taken on vacation.
This way you can design personal greetings from your time off on land or water.


To get a good impression, we tap the stamp on the ink until the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink. Before making the impression, see if the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink. To get an even impression when stamping large designs, we apply the pressure to the entire stamp wood when stamping.

Tutorial: Invitation card maritime


Our inspiration for a stamped invitation card for your loved ones:
A seahorse in celebration mood and golden heart confetti!
As you can see, with our gold pigment ink pad, you can easily make your invitations look a little more sophisticated or festive.


Our color Schnee and especially the metallic colors Gold, Rose Gold and Silber look especially beautiful on dark papers e.g. our Dot cards in Dunkelblau, Dunkelgrün and Aubergine.