Text stamps for special occasions

Stamp the right sayings for any occasion!
Discover our text stamps and creative ideas on how you can showcase our text stamps for your loved ones and combine them with all kinds of other motif stamps.

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Stamp | Schön, dass es dich gibt
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Stamp | Aus meiner Küche
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Get a glimpse of the variety of text stamps and possibilities that await you here!

  • Textstempel und Stempel mit Schrift Gutschein und Einladung
  • Textstempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch und Thank you
  • Textstempel und Schriftstempel Happy Birthday und Surprise

With our Typo stamps you will always find the right words, no matter what there is to celebrate or whom you want to send greetings. Our text stamps can be combined with all kinds of our motif stamps, so you can create unique stationery, such as wrapping paper, cards and paper tags. You will find the perfect stamp for special occasions and holidays, such as weddings or births and Christmas, New Year's Eve or Easter.



Stamping for birthdays and partys

Create beautiful birthday cards or gift tags with our text stamps. There are letterings from Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Invitation, to Hooray and Make a Wish. There is something for everyone! Many more party stamps can be found under the category Birthday.
  • Textstempel Lets celebrate zum Geburtstag

    Let´s Celebrate: With fineliners and our dots you can stamp a variety of birthday garlands. Take a look at our categories Patterns and Handlettering Pens and Ink Pens.

  • Textstempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch und Luftballon Stempel auf Dotkarte

    Blowing out Candles: Find more colors and dot cards in the category Blanco Cards and have a look at our fun and colorful Masking Tapes. Let your creativity run wild!

  • Textstempel Gutschein und Klappkartenset mit Umschlägen

    Individual Voucher: All folding card sets with envelopes can be found under Blanco Cards. Small Clips enhance any gift and are incredibly practical at the same time.


These 3 Components are important:
Stampsink pads and the right stationary.
A good combination of those three things will get you a great result.

1. Apply ink - Tap the stamp lightly on the ink pad several times or dab it with the pad.
Before making the impression, check that the rubber is completely covered with ink.
2. Stamping- When the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink, press the stamp evenly onto the paper.

Festive rubberstamps for Christmas

For this very festive occasion, we have unique text stamps to make your nearest and dearest a personalized card, stamp beautiful gift tags or craft Christmas decorations. For more inspiration, a variety of Christmas stamps and products to create custom Advent calendars, feel free to check out our categories Christmas and Advent Calendar.
  • Textstempel Fröhliche Weihnachten und Tannenbaum

    Christmas tree Adventure: Beautiful and many different stars can be found under the category Stars and Co. You can find our fineliners under Handlettering Pens and Ink Pens, with them you can draw beautiful details and fine lines like on the gift and the Christmas tree.

  • Textstempel Warm Wishes zu Weihnachten

    Christmas Stocking: As you can see here, cute animals can also be wonderfully staged for Christmas. You can find our wide variety under Animals. For small and fine glitter details, check out our category Glitter Glue.

  • Textstempel Frohe Weihnachten und Frohes Fest

    Advent Wreath: To create beautiful wreaths individually, you will find a large selection of stamps under Flowers and Leaves. Elegant and practical clips enhance any gift, feel free to check out our category Clips for more options.

  • Textstempel Frohes Fest und Stricksocke zu Weihnachten

    Knitted Sock: Festive Christmas tags to stamp for your gifts can be found under Tags and Labels. A variety of other Christmas colors can be found in the category Ink Pads.

  • Textstempel Make a wish und weihnachtlicher Stempel Pinguinbaby

    Christmas Ornament: we put the penguin in our Dot XL outline, so you can easily stamp your own snow bauble. For more seasonal stamps, check out Autumn and Winter.

  • Textstempel Fröhliche Weihnachten und Stempel Mistelzweig mit Schleife

    Mistletoe: Here we have stamped our rubberstamp Wilde Punkte as snow for a more wintry mood. You can find even more dots for other cool ideas like confetti under Patterns. To set great highlights, like the red berries on the mistletoe here, you can explore the whole selection of Glitter Glues.


We make sure that the lettering is stamped in the lower third of a card, as this allows the main motif of the card to fit above the lettering. Try to place the text stamp as straight as possible and keep the same distance to the edges on the left and right of the card. In addition, the arrangement will be even more symmetrical if the distances between the main motif, the text stamp and the bottom edge of the card are identical. Feel free to look at the various examples from us, there you will recognize this type of placement again.

Stamp New Year's wishes

You can find lettering and other festive New Year's Eve stamps in our category New Year, with which you can stamp beautiful New Year's wishes and spread good luck for the New Year.
  • Textstempel Happy new year und Frohes neues Jahr zu Silvester

    Happy New Year: Our colorful dot cards can be found under Blanco Cards. Not only the little sheep can be well set in scene, also our lucky pig or the little rocket can be perfectly combined and stamped thematically.

  • Textstempel Lets celebrate und Stempel Sektglas zu Silvester und Neujahr

    Celebratory Toast: Our Sektklas is the perfect way to toast the new year. Get creative with yarns in shimmering metallic tones or simply in colorful confetti colors, which you can find in our Yarns section.

  • Textstempel Frohes neues Jahr und Stempel für Silvesterknaller

    Firework: Great metallic colors are also available for our Ink Pads, in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Our Flocke 6 and the Stern mit feinen Linien are perfect as New Year's Eve firecrackers and fireworks.


3 tips for you:
Allow time to dry.
2. Don't stack freshly stamped cards on top of each other.
3. Don't use sealed/laminated or coated paper.
(In addition, you can work with classic fixative spray for water-based paint from an artists' supply shop to protect the paint against smudging.)

Stamping Valentines- and Mothersday cards

Everything your heart desires! With our text stamps Schön, dass es dich gibt, Bisou, Big Hug or Love you can bring wonderful and loving greetings to your favorite people. Just keep scrolling down, here we have more matching examples and text stamps for you.
  • Textstempel Von Herzen zum Valentinstag oder Muttertag

    From the Heart: Stamp and create a heart-shaped card by cutting a piece of craft paper from our Paper Pad in the shape of a heart, then stamp it with motifs of your choice and finally tie it to the card using yarn through two small punched holes. 

  • Textstempel Alles Liebe und Stempel Vase für Valentinstag oder Muttertag

    Much Love: Stamp a bouquet of flowers easily by placing e.g. our stamp Fächer klein over the Vase and then draw small stems with a fineliner. The very special bouquet for your loved ones is ready. More options can be found in the category Flowers and Leaves.

  • Textstempel Bisou und Stempel Big Sweetheart

    Bisou: Send a kiss to all your special people! As you can see, with only three stamps you can create a classic, simple and unique card at the same time.

Stamping for Easter

For Easter greetings we have thematically matching text stamps. You can create unique Easter cards or sweet pendants for the Easter bush. More inspiration, more Easter stamps like Easter bunnies and co. and fun craft instructions can be found in the category Easter.
  • Textstempel Frohe Ostern und Stempel Hase und Ostereier

    Juggling Easter eggs: To add the final touch to your Easter tags and cards, you can add beautiful highlights in a variety of colors of Stickles, which you can find in the category Glitter Glue.

  • Textstempel Happy Easter und Stempel Küken und Eierschale zu Ostern

    Easter Wreath: You'll find everything you need to customize beautiful paper tags for your Easter bush. Feel free to check out the categories Tags and Labels, Wooden Beads and Yarns.

  • Textstempel Happy Easter und Just for you und Stempel Körbchen zu Ostern

    Chick in Eggshell: You can find even more spring-like examples and stamps in our category Spring and Summer.


Stamp out the rubberstamp on a damp cloth until there are no ink residues left. Before continuing to stamp, test on a piece of scratch paper whether the stamp is really clean.

Stamps aroung wedding

Cordial and at the same time classic text stamps around the wedding celebration. From writing invitations for your own very special day, greeting cards to thank you notes, you will find everything in the category Wedding.
  • Textstempel Just Married und Love für Hochzeitskarten

    Tandem Love: You can customize and stamp beautiful place cards. Check out the category Blanco Cards or Tags and Labels to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime day. For glittery accents, simply add our Stickles Glitter Glue to your designs. Add a shimmering touch to your stationery, click on the Glitter Glue category for more choices.

  • Textstempel Wir heiraten und Mr. & Mrs.

    Leaf Wreath: All in natural style. Discover a large selection of stamps on this theme in the categories Spring and Summer and Flowers and Leaves.

  • Textstempel Wir heiraten und save the date zur Hochzeit

    Heartfelt invitation: You can create very special combinations by mixing stamped and drawn details. In the category Handlettering Pens and Ink Pens you can find a variety of fineliners, which we have used in the picture above.

Stamping Thank You notes

Here you can see our text stamps for stamping cards to send a heartfelt and personal thank you to your loved ones.
  • Textstempel Merci und Blanko Klappkarte zum Bedanken stempeln

    Merci: With a piece of yarn, our little cone stamps and a self-stamped folded card, you can whip up a wonderful thank you gift in seconds.

  • Textstempel Ein kleines Dankeschön und Stempel Elefant

    Ein kleines Dankeschön: Discover the whole selection of our animal world under Animals.

  • Textstempel Thank you und Maritim Stempel Wal

    Thank you: You can find more cute sea creatures in the category Maritime.

Stamp congratulations on birth

Welcome to this world! Feel free to check out our categories Kids and Birth, for baby shower and co and get inspired. We have also put together these three beautiful stamp sets on the theme of birth for you: Grüße vom Strorch, Babyalarm and Kinderwagentraum. Take a look at our category Rubberstamp Sets.
  • Textstempel Its a boy, Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Auf ins Abenteuer und Stempel Kinderwagen und Storch

    Its a boy: Create individual greeting cards for the new parents. Stamps from the Storch, to the Babyflasche, to the Strampler Streifen and a cute Schnuller let your creativity run wild.

  • Textstempel Hurra und Stempel Kinderwagen zur Geburt

    Hooray!: Balloons and co can be combined wonderfully for this occasion. For even more matching party stamps explore the category Birthday.

  • Textstempel Its a girl und Stempel Blätterkranz zur Geburt

    Its a girl: Depending on the season in which the little baby saw the light of day, you can also create seasonal themed cards. In this case for spring motifs you can discover even more in Spring and Summer.