Stamps for weddings and other lovely occasions

Love is in the air! Discover our motif stamps for weddings and ideas for your greeting cards, tags and Save the Dates:

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Save the Dates, invitations, place cards, gifts and thank you notes stamped with love give the wedding a very personal touch. With our stamps and inks, you can easily get creative and create the most beautiful cards and gifts for your loved ones. Share your happiness about the most beautiful day in your life with family and friends. We have the right stamp motifs to announce the date of your celebration or to congratulate on the wedding. You can find a few of our stamp ideas all about getting married and the celebration here.

Here's to love, happiness and your very own style!

Wedding Cards

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Wedding Mail - You can find high quality paper tags for stamping in our tags and labels section.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Tandem Ride - Check out our Clips to enhance your festive place card and table decor.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Boho love - Matching the summer wedding you will find beautiful inspiration and unique motifs in the stamp category Bohemian.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Bride and Groom - See our Valentine's Day and Mother's Day stamp category for even more matching inspiration for love messages of all kinds.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Summer Love - The warm seasons are perfect for celebrating weddings, get inspired in the category Spring and Summer.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Spring Fever - Beautify your wedding cards with our custom typos. For the full selection of lettering, check out our text stamps category.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Off to your honeymoon - Discover our large and beautiful selection of high quality inks in the Pigment Ink Pads category.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Flower wreath - In springtime all the colorfulness of nature blossoms. Have a look at the category flowers and leaves.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Wedding of the Birds - Our high quality and sustainable stationery, with which you can design and stamp your own table decorations and wedding cards, can be found under Blanco cards.


These 3 Components are important:
Stampsink pads and the right stationary.
A good combination of those three things will get you a great result.

1. Apply ink - Tap the stamp lightly on the ink pad several times or dab it with the pad.
Before making the impression, check that the rubber is completely covered with ink.
2. Stamping- When the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink, press the stamp evenly onto the paper.


In our Youtube tutorial we show you how you can easily apply Perlenfischer stamp motifs with waterproof ink on fabric. Create beautiful table decorations, napkins, etc. for your wedding in your own individual style.

For a quick step-by-step instruction on this tutorial, even more inspiration on the subject, and of course everything you need for stamping with fabric stamping ink, check out our Textile Ink category.

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Individual table decoration for your wedding

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    A beautiful and sustainable gift bag

  • Stempel Hochzeit

    Stamp linen pillowcases - the perfect homemade and quality gift


3 tips for you:
Allow time to dry.
2. Don't stack freshly stamped cards on top of each other.
3. Don't use sealed/laminated or coated paper.
(In addition, you can work with classic fixative spray for water-based paint from an artists' supply shop to protect the paint against smudging.)


  • Stempel Hochzeit Taube und Big Sweetheart auf Papieranhänger und Blankokarte

    Big Sweetheart - With linen twine or cotton yarn, any stationery is guaranteed to be eye-catching, check out the category Yarns for all the color and material choices.

  • Stempel Hochzeit Lampion, Wir heiraten und Sweetheart

    Lampion Love - Micron fineliners are our favorite tool to enhance our stamp motifs with fine lines. You can find our favorites under Handlettering Pens and Ink Pens.

  • Stempel Hochzeit Turteltaube und Big Sweetheart auf Blankokarte und Aanhänger

    Lovebirds - We have incredible cute animal designs which you can perfectly put in scene for your wedding. Discover our great selection in the stamp category animals.